YDA JURY 2020: Karim Bartoletti

Karim Bartoletti
Partner/Executive Producer
Indiana Production & CPA - Italian Association
Milan, Italy

Karim Bartoletti is a multi-award winning producer with great international experience. Born in Switzerland, Karim grew up in Iran, Italy, and the USA, and now lives in Milan, Italy.

Karim is a Radio/TV/Film graduate of Northwestern University in Chicago, city in which he started his career in advertising. DDB/Chicago was his first stop after graduation working in the Budweiser, McDonald’s, Mobil Team.

Karim moved to Y&R in 1999, to become the youngest SVP/Head of Production in the US at the time. At Y&R/Chicago, Karim did award-winning work for brands such as Sears, Nascar and Miller Beer, helping turn the agency into a creative entity to recon with in the USA

In 2002 Karim moved back to Italy, to become a Partner of Filmmaster Production, on of the most solid production companies in Europe at the time. Times changed though, the business changed, so, in 2015, Karim left the company he had been partners of for 13 years, to become Partner/Executive Producer and MD of Advertising and Brand Content at INDIANA Production, a multi-media, multi-platform, Advertising, Film and TV creative production company with offices in Milan, Rome and Los Angeles.

Karim has won every award in the industry, has participated as a Juror in some of the best Award Shows in our business and is a regular lecturer, presentor, guest speaker in various schools, shows and events in Italy and abroad.

Karim is also an Elected Board Member of the ADCI – The Italian Art Director’s Club as well as Board Member of CPA – the Association of the Italian Advertising Production Companies.

He speaks 4 languages – of which 3 on a daily basis – and lives in Milan with his wife Mariana – who he married 20-years ago in 3 separate ceremonies in Chicago, Campinas(Brazil) and Washington DC – and his 2 kids, Yasmin and Leo.