YDA JURY 2020: Cornelia Opitz

Cornelia Opitz
Executive Producer/Partner
Madre Pictures
Stockholm, Sweden

Cornelia started in the TV industry over 20 years ago. After a few years she took the step over to the Commercial department and liked it so much so that’s what she has done since.

She has been working at some of the largest production companies in Sweden and three years ago she and a female producer started Madre Pictures.

Cornelia has, in one way or another, been part of the Swedish Film&TV-Producers association for a long time and since 3 years ago she has been the chairman.

She has produced a lot of award winning commercials in Sweden and abroad and she’s also very proud of being a part of the Swedish initiative “one of three” which means that one of three directors in a pitch should be a woman.

Cornelia has been in charge of the jury work for the Swedish gala Roygalan (after Roy Andersson - of course) for a few years so she’s certainly looking forward to be a part of an excellent international jury like this.