YDA JURY 2020: Brenda Tham

Brenda Tham
Executive Producer
Shanghai, China

In her many past lives before moving to Shanghai to join the creatively driven global production company Stink Films as the Executive Producer six years ago, Brenda Tham had chalked up two decades of fashion publishing and advertising experience in Asia as a Fashion Director, an Agency Producer and the Founder of a fashion collective bureau before the world discovered online content production.

Fast Forward to 2020, Brenda has discovered her innate skill as a director whisperer, knowing instinctively what they want, sometimes even before they know it.

Working closely as a creative partner-in-crime with young and progressive directors from Jovan Todorovic, Norman Bates, Pleix, Mackenzie Sheppard and Law Chen to the big boys ¾ Nicolas Winding Refn, Kosai, Martin Krejci and Eliot Rausch, Brenda has used every crisis as an opportunity, inspiring and conspiring with them to produce influential spots for Nike, Puma, Chanel, Tiffany & Co. Tudor and SK-II to name but a few. She has recently embarked on possibly the most ambitious project in production history, helming a full-scale production in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and world disorder with Director Eliot Rausch on a remote shoot for Volvo across the continents. It was their second collaboration after an eight-month production for the Olympics Games last year. Leading a global team comprising of a director, head of departments, production crew, post-production, agency and clients scattered around the world in Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Lofoten, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai, it was a massive leap of faith diving into the unknown in these unprecedented times without the key personnel all in one place from pre-production to shoot to post-production. The team relied on modern technology and a whole lot of trust to bring the Director’s vision to life and created a powerful film that is set to launch later this year.