The YDA Podcast

The Young Director Award podcast series hosted by King She is a no-holds-barred deep dive into all things filmmaking. Eavesdrop on intimate conversations between rising and established directors as they share their take on filmmaking craft, navigating the business of making short form content, and overcoming the hurdles that developing new talent face. Listen in as each guest shares their experience and insights around breaking new ground and bringing fresh perspectives to the craft.

Hosted by directing duo Radha Ganti and Robert Lopuski of King She, This project is a true labour of love, made possible with the great help of our sponsors: Somesuch, Supreme Music, Cabin Editing Company, UN.Studios, Bonaparte TV and Cartel Editorial

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Episode 4: Los Pérez – Directing Together

Los Pérez are known for their colorful, hyperbolic, and larger than life short form work. Like podcast hosts King She, director duo Los Perez are partners in life and in cinema. The two directing duos got together to discuss process, practical effects, and parenting through production. It’s easy to assume Los Pérez’s dynamic and detailed filmmaking sequences are all CGI, but the duo strive to create as much in-camera as possible. In this episode, Los Perez dive into their pre-production heavy process and share what makes their relationship so successful creatively and beyond.

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Episode 3: Niclas Larsson – The Power of Naivete

Niclas Larsson began his career as a child actor and now is one of the leading commercial directors in the world. The Swedish director linked with King She to talk about the gift of being naive early in a director’s career, bringing a punk sensibility to commercial directing, and collaborating with clients to maximise artful output. Niclas shares many gems of insight from his robust career including how the foundation for it all is in the writing, how his early work as a child actor informs his directing today, and how to direct from a place of affirmation rather than critique.  

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Episode 2: Yuan Yuan – A Student’s Path

Born in Wuhan, China, Yuan Yuan is a Chinese filmmaker and recent NYU film school graduate whose journey as a student writer-director has garnered awards, grants, and accolades from all corners of the globe. Yuan Yuan sat down with hosts King She to discuss her journey as a director working primarily through the support of academic and festival institutions, pivoting from journalism to narrative filmmaking, and the process of selecting collaborators to be in a space of trust when shooting. Her short film Heading South won Jury Prize at Hong Kong International Film Festival, and Best Student Film at DGA Awards, Palm Springs and Aspen ShortFests, and the Young Director Award. She’s currently developing her first feature, Late Spring with support from the Sundance Writers & Directors labs.

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Episode 1: Bradford Young – Breaking Barriers

Bradford Young (Pariah, Selma, Solo) is an Oscar award nominated cinematographer and an extraordinary new presence in the space of commercial directing. Joined in conversation with King She in this very first episode he discusses the necessity of creative community, the cosmological ingredients of great filmmaking, and the unexpected potential for creative freedom found in commercial advertising. Bradford also speaks on the power of strong visual language paired with artistic rigor. He shares his vision for genuine creative trust and freedom in his working relationships and offers advice on building one’s own bridge to directing from other crew positions.

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