YDA JURY 2019: Samuel Cantor

Samuel Cantor
Copenhagen, Denmark

Samuel Cantor, acclaimed producer at Scandinavian production company Bacon, found his way to the industry through his background in music and talent management.

As a DJ and event maker during his high school years and start 20’s, Samuel became a familiar face in the Copenhagen culture and nightlife scene. His sense of creative management quickly brought him affiliation with various artists and labels across Denmark and Europe.

Samuel's interest for the creative and his background in the music industry led him to start producing music videos, and later into filmmaking and advertising. After working with various production houses for a few years he joined Bacon in 2014 as a producer.

Even though Samuel keeps busy working with directors like Andreas Nilsson, Martin De Thurah or Martin Werner, he always strives to focus on spotting new talent or cultural trends. This has added great value to Bacon over the last years, contributing to defining and re-strengthening Bacons roster and strategic orientation.

Despite his relatively young age, Samuel has established himself as one of the most sought out producers in Denmark because of his endless commitment to delivering work that stands out. With an eye for strong ideas, Samuel pushes the boundaries to create distinctive results, no matter the size of the given project.