YDA JURY 2019: Rikke Katborg

Rikke Katborg
Executive Producer
Circus Alphaville
Copenhagen, Denmark

After a 25 year career in producing commercials, short films and music videos, Rikke Katborg has produced her first feature film, A Beautiful Curse directed by fellow Dane Martin Garde Abildgaard. Rikke was MD at Bullet in Copenhagen – exec producing for the likes of Kasper Wedendahl, Martin Werner & Jonas Arnby – before becoming a partner at the renowned Les Producers production company in Paris. She later co-founded Superette also in Paris – one of the first hybrid creative production companies as well as a boutique art gallery before returning with her family back to Copenhagen.
Her latest venture producing A Beautiful Curse is a co-production between Les Producers and Circus Alphaville in Copenhagen where Rikke also produces.