YDA JURY 2019: Laura Geagea

Laura Geagea
Managing Director / Executive Producer
Sweetshop China, Asia, MENA

Lebanese-native Laura was born in Canada and spent much of her childhood between Beirut and Halifax, before moving yo Asia in her early twenties.

Laura’s multilingual and multicultural assets have propelled her as a successful producer on different countries, languages and cultures. Fluent in English, French, Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish, Laura has worked all over Asia both as a freelance producer and as Sweetshop’s Executive Producer and now Managing Director. A seasoned producer with experience across all types of media , Laura has been the lead on projects as diverse as art installations, photoshoots, commercials and feature films.

In 2017, she opened the company’s office in Shanghai in response to the market’s growing need for content produced to an international standard, by a company with an intimate understanding of local brands and agencies. Laura now manages Sweetshop Bangkok and Sweetshop Shanghai.