YDA JURY 2019: Bart Yates

Bart Yates
Executive Producer
London, UK

Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia. Bart started out in the music industry, working for Warner Music across sales, PR and design. He also managed a metal band called Sakkuth on the side. He moved to London in 1999 and secured his first role in advertising as a runner at WCRS, then quickly moved up to production assistant then agency producer. In 2002 he became a producer at Blink, one of London’s top production companies.

In 2005 he founded Blinkink, their dedicated animation division. Over the years he’s helped develop Blink into the multi-faceted creative studio that we are today, with the inception of Blink Art in 2009 and Blink Industries, our long-form entertainment arm, in 2015.

Personal highlights along the way include last year’s BBC Christmas film “The Supporting Act”, this year’s embroidered BBC World Cup trailer, last year’s “Great British Bake Off” trailer for Channel 4, Harvey Nichols’ Grand Prix winning “Shoplifters”, John Lewis’ animated classic “The Bear & The Hare”, their cult web-series “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” and for the last year they've produced all of the Gorillaz' music videos with Jamie Hewlett.