YDA JURY 2018: Rozanne Rocha-Gray

Rozanne Rocha-Gray
Executive Producer
Cape Town, South Africa

Rozanne Rocha-Gray grew up both behind and in front of the camera. Starting her film education in diapers, Rozanne’s keen sense of performance was honed in her mother’s casting studio. In her teens, she embarked on a (somewhat average) international modeling career, using the opportunity to absorb the skills of the film crews around her and cultivating a love of film by spending her off time in dark Parisian cinemas. Since then, she has never doubted that production was where she wanted to be.

By steadily working her way through the production ranks, she combined her knowledge and experience to become a creative producer invaluable to those who work with her. Rozanne is not only recognized for her prowess as one of South Africa’s top producers, with more than 20 years in the industry, she is highly-respected for her flexible and astute production style.

Over the last ten years she has nurtured a close creative relationship with director Terence Neale, playing a pivotal role in developing his career and evolving his directorial approach. Together they have created critically acclaimed commercials and music videos for brands and artists such as Skrillex, Beats by Dre, and Adidas – the latter awarding Terence as the first ever South African director to win a Cannes Grand Prix. In 2017 they joined forces with director/producer team Greg Gray and Helena Woodfine to form ROMANCE. Through this platform Rozanne plans to expand her capacity as a producer to collaborate with young directors and produce work for like-minded local and international clients.