YDA JURY 2018: Heather Link

Heather Link
Executive Producer
Missing Link
London, UK

Heather has been running Missing Link Films since co-founding the company with her husband Ben Link in June 2016. They started the company in order to uncover and support diverse new talent in the arts, and their roster of rising stars is a testament to this. Her outlook comes from hopping around the world as a child, moving constantly around US, Canada and the UK.
Luckily her chosen career allows for this love of travel to continue.
A passion for storytelling, people and culture is at the heart of everything she does.

Heather started her marketing career at CNN, working there for 6 years before moving to HSBC where she ran global campaigns for 10 years. She was part of the team responsible for building the brand through advertising, including the infamous airport jetbridge campaigns and many award-winning TV commercials.
Her final project before leaving the bank was to run one of the biggest agency pitches in advertising history. It was through all of these experiences that she found her true calling in production and is thrilled to work with some of the most talented directors in the industry.