YDA JURY 2018: Janette de Villiers

Janette de Villiers
Executive Producer and Founder
Cape Town, South Africa

With over 30 years experience in the South African commercials industry, Janette De Villiers is considered one of the top producers and a prominent industry figure, regularly serving on various discussion panels and juries. Having produced for and collaborated with various award winning South African directors, and servicing some of the world’s most renowned international directors with top international production companies, Janette has an exceptional background in the film and advertising world.

Janette opened Groundglass in 2001 as a director focused production company but soon expanded the business to include service production work. More recently she launched another division of the company, “inc.creative”, which specializes in online content development and non-traditional forms of advertising – including mentoring and nurturing young creative talent. The digital age has created new platforms from which advertisers can engage with their target markets, and Janette is at the forefront of bringing this type of advertising to local and international clients. With strong views on social responsibility and the necessity to create a sustainable advertising industry, Janette is tireless in her endeavour to uncover and develop new talent.