Winning Post: Peter Huang

Peter Huang had the audience in fits of laughter at the 2013 Young Director Awards show with his music video, I Could Be The One. Since then the director has gone to create equally stunning films in completely different styles. Take a look, for instance, at his video Sleepless which will have you hiding behind your seats. We catch […]

Winning Post: Tino De La Huerta

In 2013  Tino De La Huerta won 2nd prize in non-European web film with his breath-holding film for Amnesty. We catch up with the Mexican new director to view his work since picking up the accolade. What have been your highlights since winning at the YDA show in Cannes in 2013? I am glad because it’s […]

Sign Me Up: Nicolas Lefaucheux

Following on from our last post with his fellow Parachutes colleague Yann Pineill we catch up with Nicolas Lefaucheux. Is Nostalgies your graduation project?  What was the original brief? Nostalgies is my graduation project indeed, after five years in graphic design school ESAG Penninghen, based in Paris. The brief was totally up to me, and […]

Sign me up: Marie-Louise & Marie-Noel

Amazing what you find when you are cruising through the web searching for nuggets. This gem of a film, Beirut In Black and White, is a the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts Masters project written and directed by Marie-Louise Elia and produced by Marie-Noël Bou Haila. Here we catch up with the two young Lebanese […]

Sign me up: Yann Pineill

Parisian-based Parachutes is a group of four graphic designers, all just graduated from ESAG-Penninghen. Here we talk with one of the members, Yann Pineill, whose clever graduation film, Symmetry, tells a different tale both backwards and forwards, while another film Beauty of Mathematics is a collaboration with fellow Parachutes colleague, Nicolas Lefaucheux. Let’s start at […]

Searchlight: We Are From LA

The difference a year can make:  Their career was kickstarted by their first prize win for their web film Eastpak at the YDA in 2012  only last year and now We Are From LA have become international names with their interactive 24-hour music video for Pharrell Williams. We watch it daily, sometimes twice, or three […]

Searchlight: Tom Schlagkamp

Tom Schlagkamp blew our socks off with his Rock n Roll manifesto for Visions magazine. Now the YDA winner has been signed to leading Parisian production company, Quad.  You’ve just signed to Quad in Paris – any chance that this was influenced by you winning first prize in the European Web Film category at the […]

Searchlight: Louis de Caunes

Louis de Caunes has just returned to live in Paris following several years making films in New York. We caught up with the director to find out more about his music videos Your latest video for Saint Michel, Would You Stay, is beautiful, it’s also hot and completely different from your earlier work with the […]

Porsche International Student Advertising Film Award Winners

The Film Akademie Baden-Wurttemberg played host to the tenth Porsche Awards for Student Films – where many of the international winners have gone on to win fame and glory at the YDA show in Cannes. Here are the winners and the shortlist: Category: Classical Format First Prize: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, directed by Denis […]

Sign me up: Andreas Bruns

Andreas Bruns picked up second prize in the YDA film school category with his charming narrative for Mercedes Benz. Now the Film Akademie Baden Wurtemburg student has proved his directing ability with this new spec spot for Lux soap. Is this latest Lux spec spot your graduation film? No, it is not my graduation film. […]