Catch up: Carly Cussen

We love ballsy talent young directors, and Carly Cussen fits the bill perfectly. YDA catches up with the Park Village / Able & Baker’s lastest signing about her career from Pinewood Studios runner to star director of hundreds of cool music videos. And she’s just 26. Your work has progressively moved from low-budget grime videos […]

Brilliant BETC baby bop by YDA winners

Just look what a difference a year can make. From winning First Prize for Webfilm and Second Prize for European Broadcast categories at the YDA show in Cannes last year, new directors We Are From LA – who are actually handsome French boys from Paris  – have now directed BETC’s prime spot for their famous […]

YDA winner update: Andreas Roth

Baden Wurtemberg Film Academy student Andreas Roth has been a regular winner and finalist on YDA – see his earlier work below. Now in his final year at the film school, Roth’s piece for Herbaria Tea is a master piece in post work. Here he tells us about the production.   The project is my […]

Former music video director now exec creative director Eric Cruz talks about the value of trusting new directors

Eric Cruz has worked in many markets – W+K Lab in Tokyo, as well as in London and is now creative director for Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur. We loved his directing work for Japanese band Hafana all those years ago when he was at Tokyo Lab – so he certainly knows the vibey young directing scene. […]

He’s Bach, this time with fab fashion film

From winning the Young Director’s Award twice in a row including the Jury Special prize Aleksander Bach has directed some wonderful commercials. We catch up with the now not so new director. What have been the highlights and the work you’ve been most proud of since winning? Well, I’ve really had the pleasure to realise […]

YDA super winner Hanna Maria Heidrich signs to top London production house Gorgeous

Hanna Maria Heidrich was the crowned queen of the Young Directors’ Award in Cannes last year, winning not one, not even two, but three top prizes including the Jury’s Special Award for her film We Miss You. And now London top production company Gorgeous – home to Chris Palmer, Frank Budgen, Peter Thwaites and other […]

Catch up: Justus Becker

It was a year ago when we featured the spec film of film student Justus Becker for Rimowa suitcases. We thought it was high time for our annual check up on what he’s been up to and were blown away by the storytelling of his spec films for Mercedes. Tell us about your background – […]

Catch up: Mark Tintner

We featured Mark Tintner’s first piece, a slick and sinster ad for Alessi, last year and we’re also rather impressed with his latest spot for Refuge, a charity fighting for the elimination of violence against women. Using a performance piece is a very effective way of communicating something harrowing. How did the creative idea come […]

YDA 2011: Andreas Roth

Andreas Roth never fails to impress. The up-and-coming director was already on our radar when we interviewed him in January and in June he took top prize in the the European Film School category at the Young Director Award. We caught up with Roth to talk about his rather spooky winning spot, Dirt Devil. When […]

YDA 2011: Georg Von Mitzlaff

Depilation. It’s a tough sell. At best a fiddly chore, at worst a painful bore – it requires some pretty flexible thinking to render hair removal appealing, let alone sexy. And yet Georg von Mitzlaff, who took 2nd prize in the European Webfilms category has done just that with his surprising viral Nohair. We caught […]