Seeking Jean-Julien Pous

Young director Jean-Julien Pous first caught our eye with his short Seeking You (Zhao Ni), a vibrant, rotoscoped love story about the city of Hong Kong. Set to a Chinese translation of Bizet’s languorous Habanera, it’s an attention-grabbing piece of work, created while Pous was studying at the Vancouver Film School. Since Seeking You, Pous […]

Searchlight: Nicole Volavka

A small, orange-haired girl peers out of a bin, a boy stares dazed from the middle of a landfill site. Nicole Volavka’s MA film project Rubbish is desolate, sad – and more powerful than the usual spec spot. If her awards success in 2009 is anything to go by, she’s a commercials talent to look […]

Neill Blomkamp: From YDA to World Domination

It’s been a good year for Neill Blomkamp. District 9, his feature debut was the surprise blockbuster of the summer. His lo-fi sci-fi tale of aliens in Joberg raked in millions at the box office and turned the South African director into hot cinematic property. Moviegoers may have just got their first taste of Blomkamp’s […]

Aleksander Bach Interview

Your award-winning video “Stars” is beautifully filmed and thought-provoking. How did you come up with the idea of the dancer amongst the soldiers? I have always wanted to make a film with a dancer. I love dancing and I love human motion. I love making films where nobody knows what’s going to happen next – […]

A prestigious award

Hi Everybody! Today I have the pleasure of introducing Jonas Mayabb, who has attended the Young Director Award for the past two  years and received the first and second prizes in the Non European Film School category in 2007 : What motivated you to participate in the Young Director Award? I was told it was […]

Check out this promising young director

Today I introduce you to Mario Zozin who received the second prize in the European Film School category: What motivated you to participate in the Young Director Award? Before I started studying at the Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg, I already followed YDA because all winners from recent years came from the Filmacademy. Everbody said: “This is the […]

The award was a door opener…

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Aleksander Bach, the European Film School Winner 2008 and his lovely work! What made you participate in the Young Director Award? The Young Director Award is one of the most important Awards for young directors. It is a great opportunity to make your work and yourself visible, which […]

YDA is a well that yields a lot of oil

Like every Tuesday, I have the pleasure to  introduce a previous winner. Today, it is European Broadcast Winner, Tomaso Cariboni! What made you participate in the Young Director Award? When you shoot and edit a commercial as a director, you have to compromise on a lot of things. You speak to your client and his […]

“Fight the fight and pitch the pitch”

Today, I have the pleasure to introduce Raphael Elisha, the Non European Test Commercials Winner. What made you participate in the Young Director Award? An associate of mine alerted me to this competition and I felt it would be a good springboard for my career. I liked the idea that there was a ‘test commercial’ category […]

What about previous winners?

Today, I’m glad to introduce the winner of the European Test Commercials category in 2008: Willem Gerritsen! I asked him about himself and his experience with YDA and he very took the time to answer all my questions: What made you participate in the Young Director Award? WG: My brother called me and told me […]