Winning Post: Fernando Livschitz

What have been your highlights since winning at the YDA show in Cannes in 2012? I have started working a lot in advertising. What’s the best film making lesson you’ve learnt? Do what you love and you are passionate. Thats the formula to make something different. What is the wisest quote about film making? Don’t copy, […]

Searchlight: Pedro Martin-Calero

Spanish new director Pedro Martin-Calero’s work explores the space between the physical and the psychological. We interview the just-signed to Colonel Blimp director about love, life, death and architecture… You have an astute eye for framing spaces, usually architectural, in your work. Is there something specific in your background and training that gives you your distinctive […]

Winning Post: Stevie Russell

Newly signed to Partizan, Stevie Russell’s work is eclectic with a mix of comedy, tragedy, live action and vfx. Here we give the Irish-London based director a quick quiz but for a more in depth read with the first prize winner of YDA’s European Broadcast category click here. What have been your highlights since winning […]

Hot Spot: Fleur & Manu

Fleur & Manu. The Fantastic French directors who never ever disappoint – just take a look at this film for Skrillex, Doompy Poomp.

Winning Post: Tomoichiro Setsuda

Oh how we love Japanese work – especially the quirky, off-beat pieces such as Tomoichiro Setsuda’s, who picked up first prize in our Asia/Pacific category for his short film. Here we quick quiz the new director and hope there’s nothing lost in translation… What have been your highlights since winning at the YDA show in Cannes six months ago? […]

Hot Spot: Aoife McArdle

Somesuch director Aoife McArdle returns home to Belfast shoot a gutsy gripping film for U2 – set during the Troubles of the 80s – that also tenderly captures those early days of love.

Hot Spot: Hamish Rothwell

Goodoil director Hamish Rothwell’s insanely good stunt-filled spot, Captain Risky, takes car insurance ads to the next level.

Searchlight: Thunderlips

New Zealand new directing duo THUNDERLIPS from Candlelit Pictures headed off to shoot the rising sun in the southern Australian desert for Daniel McBride’s band Sheep, Dog & Wolf. It was meant to be a straight-forward, three-shot sequence of the 19-year old singer running into the blazing dawn light; curling up in fetal position behind […]

Hot Spot: Steve Ayson

The Sweetshop’s Steve Ayson, known for his funny ads like Momsong for Old Spice and Carlton’s Beer Chase, has come up with this glorious poetic spot out of New Zealand.

Searchlight: Jack Whiteley

Soon after being nominated for a Young Director’s Award, Jack Whiteley was signed to London top production company Rattling Stick. Now the new director has come up with a fabulously funny parody of a newsroom drama.  Your video for The Staves’ Black and White is, thank goodness, shot in glorious colour. It’s styled in a […]