First Wave of Jury Members for 2018

Top names from Europe and Asia-Pacific, including Jimmy Lam, James Sorton and Hanna Maria Heidrich, are announced as jury members of this year’s Young Director Award.

With only two months to go to the Cannes Lions festival, and therefore to the Young Director Award 2018, the YDA has announced the first half of the jury that will help decide the winning work in this year’s competition.

Joining the president of this year’s panel, PRETTYBIRD’s partner and EP, Ali Brown, will be a series of producers and creatives who will have the daunting task of choosing the best work from a host of global entries. The initial wave of names hail from either Europe or Asia-Pacific and represent some of the best and brightest creative minds from each region.

“These jury members represent some of the biggest and most creative companies from the two regions we’ve announced so far. Their expertise and understanding around new directing talent, and what it takes to shine in the current directorial climate, will ensure that the work awarded at this year’s YDA will be both brilliant and deserving. I am looking forward to witnessing their conversations and celebrating their decisions.”

YDA president, Francois Chilot.

YDA 2018 Jury Members


Hanna Maria Heidrich, director, Berlin, Germany

Rudi Haller, vice president, CFP-E, Zurich, Switzerland

Mette Jermiin, managing director and executive producer, Bacon Copenhagen, Denmark

Heather Link, executive producer and founder, Missing Link, London, UK

Bettina Olf, chief creative officer, Geometry Global, Hamburg, Germany

Petra Ondřejková, founder & executive producer, Amazing Productions, Prague, Czech Republic

Tony Petersen, member of the board PRODUZENTENALLIANZ; President, CFP-E Hamburg, Germany

Elsa Rakotoson, founder and CEO, Frenzy Paris, France

James Sorton, managing director & executive producer, Pulse, London, UK


Asia Pacific

Jimmy Lam, group chief creative officer, LEO Digital Network, Shanghai, China

Adrian Bosich, managing partner & creative co-founder, Airbag, Melbourne, Australia

Timo Mitsuaki Otsuki, executive producer, Connection, Tokyo, Japan

Zhu Jingjing, managing director & chief art director, JQK Productions Beijing, China


The YDA will announce the final list of juror’s names, those from North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East, in the coming weeks.

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