Searchlight: Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

He may not be a new  director but he’s still unsigned because he says his videos are too weird. We think they’re beautiful… just take a look at this exquisite film which will be doing the festival circuits this year. Kicks in at 20 seconds:     Could you start from the beginning please – how […]

Searchlight: Paul Gerwien

A real life marriage proposal becomes a music video – oh what a good idea. David, the groom,  met his girlfriend Saskia six years ago at one of the band Revolverheld’s concerts in Berlin so it would be a perfect match. He is the lead singers best friend and they know each other since birth.    The […]

Searchlight: Julien Carot

Effects and technical wizard Julien Carot has started making wonderful films of his own. We catch up with the Parisian director about his work. Could you give us a potted history of what led you to directing please? Actually I wonder why it took me so long to end up directing. I was passionate about […]

Searchlight: We Are From LA

The difference a year can make:  Their career was kickstarted by their first prize win for their web film Eastpak at the YDA in 2012  only last year and now We Are From LA have become international names with their interactive 24-hour music video for Pharrell Williams. We watch it daily, sometimes twice, or three […]

Searchlight: Tom Schlagkamp

Tom Schlagkamp blew our socks off with his Rock n Roll manifesto for Visions magazine. Now the YDA winner has been signed to leading Parisian production company, Quad.  You’ve just signed to Quad in Paris – any chance that this was influenced by you winning first prize in the European Web Film category at the […]

Searchlight: Louis de Caunes

Louis de Caunes has just returned to live in Paris following several years making films in New York. We caught up with the director to find out more about his music videos Your latest video for Saint Michel, Would You Stay, is beautiful, it’s also hot and completely different from your earlier work with the […]

Searchlight: Charlie and Joe

Charlie and Joe, who are signed to Forever Pictures in London have launched a feel-good clip for Chase & Status which is racking up the hits. We catch up with the new directors … Back story please. Where, when and why did you two hook up as a directing duo? Was it a particular project […]

Searchlight: TJ O’Grady Peyton

Shortlisted for his spec spot for Adidas at this year’s YDA show, TJ O’Grady Peyton has just launched a music video that pulls no punches. From reeling through your work you seem to have had a consistent collaborative relationship with the German producer and DJ Tensnake culminating in this latest video for the track See […]

Searchlight: Tim White

Tim White may be based in Melbourne but he spends most of his time spinning around the world making great films. We catch up with the new director – who was shortlisted in this year’s YDA short film category – about the trials and tribulations of working with a love doll in Tokyo. Waaaay to […]

Searchlight: Ben Strebel

Ben Strebel is on a roll. The winner of our music video category last year has just created one of our all time favourite films – a wedding brawl for Javeon – and is busy shooting commercials too across Europe. We talk with the new director about his meteoric rise over the past 18 months. […]