Hot Spot : Gareth Pugh, Ascension

We love a slow reveal… and this 700 fps “Caravaggio painting meets Bill Viola” installation for Gareth Pugh by Legs directors Geremy & Georgie is sheer poetry.

Hot Spot: Zhu, Paradise Awaits

Tomek Ducki digitally animated this music video, both 2d and 3d, and then overpainted it on paper frame by frame. “I refer to it sometimes as manual rendering,” he says, “Rotoscoping over animation if you like. I like this because we have a good balance of controlled movement and accidental results with the painting.”

Hot Spot: Daniel Wolfe

Somesuch director Daniel Wolfe’s distinctive vision for Paolo Nutini’s Iron Sky track is beginning to pick up on the awards circuit, the latest being the Grand Prix at Ciclope Festival in Berlin. Look out for Wolfe’s contentious and celebrated movie Catch Me Daddy shot by Robbie Ryan

Ciclope 2014 Winners

In an exclusive ceremony held at the unique Babylon cinema, in the heart of Berlin on November 7th, the winning works were showcased to a lively crowd that had been enjoying the festival for two days. “For five years now, we have been honoring the art of execution because we believe that nowadays craft is […]

Unsigned: Ellis Bahl

We talk with new director Ellis Bahl about the film-making lessons learnt since his promo for Alt-J, Breezeblock, to his latest film – a choreographed music video for Charlie Winston. What was the original brief? Charlie showed me a lot of videos that inspired him. He knew he wanted a dance element, he wanted it to be dark and […]

New Director: Sophia Ray

It’s hard getting a footing up the directing ladder but some are lucky and talented enough to be picked up by production companies straight after graduation. Sally McCormack, herself fresh out of journalism school, talks with one such young London-based director Sophia Ray You are just beginning as a director at Nice & Polite. A […]

Hot Spot: Ok Go – I won’t let you down

I won’t let you down is a new kind music video filmed by a camera on a drone. Director Morihiro Harano explains that the film was done in one continuous shoot taking approximately 50 to 60 tries to get it right. More info here

Hot Spot: Johnny Chew

Braainzz – Oops We’re a bit ho hum about collage from stock footage but this one by Johnny Chew puts montage on to a completely new level.

Hot Spot: Stromae – Ave Cesaria

Joy, joy, joy from beginning to end of this seemingly one-take shot of a family celebration of dancing and fun. Using VHS directed by the Caviar director Henry Scholfield he cast from real families and friends of friends to make it feel real – and it does even if it was shot in Ghent and […]

Hot Spot: Sam Pilling

We love a good visual story and this music video by Sam Pilling of Pulse Films has got all the magic ingredients to make you want to watch to the last frame.