Searchlight: Kibwe Tavares

Kibwe Tavares was undoubtedly the star of the YDA show picking up the first prize in Short Film, the Jury’s Special Award and the Audience Award. Currently working on a festival film for The Space a new digital arts funding body and developing his commercials career with Nexus we talk with the new director about […]

Norman Bates gives birth to YDA film

Every year we choose a new director to shoot the YDA opening film to a scripted brief from an agency. This year the honour went to Belgian directing duo Norman Bates. We catch up with the young directors and talk about how they created this crazy cgi journey We first came across your work when […]

Searchlight: Anne Flore Trichilo

We talk with Superette director Anne Flore Trichilo who cleverly mixes music videos with fashion films. We love your latest music video I Can’t Wait which also works as a fashion film too.  The narrative is non-linear and emotionally engaging – can you tell us please how you evolved the story. Did you storyboard everything […]

Searchlight: Dimitri Basil

 One of the reasons we love this industry so is because it attracts talented people from all backgrounds – some have doctorates, some began as runners. Everyone learns on the job, however, no matter what their route has been. Here we talk with new director Dimitri Basil – who is of Colombian heritage, brought up […]

Searchlight: Mary Nighy

We talk about the impact and value of social advertising with White Lodge director Mary Nighy whose film Handprint scooped up a prize in the charity category at the YDA show in Cannes. How did the handprint project come about? Were you approached with a specific brief or concept or did you develop the idea […]

Searchlight: Conor Byrne

Having a father who is managing partner of international production company Hungry Man is certainly a headstart in life when you want to be a film maker. It may open doors but you’ve got to be good, really good, to cut it with the rest of the industry and that’s just what Conor and Tyler […]

Searchlight: Emile Sornin

Mixing special effects with crazy live action makes for some fabulously entertaining and clever music videos. We talk with the Paris / London based director Emile Sornin about his film making.  You’ve got one hell of a warped sense of humour. How do you come up with your ideas for your videos? Does the special […]

Searchlight: Nick Walker

Oh yes how we love a little bit of naughty, and Caviar new director Nick Walker’s tale of fabulous feline debauchery for LA dance Punks DeLux fits the bill perfectly. We catch up with the young director about his first foray into animation. Sex, drugs and really good music – please tell us how the […]

Searchlight: Raoul Paulet

The YDA introduced the new category of Video Art two years ago and now that the call for entries is open we look at the video art work of Raoul Paulet for inspiration. Paulet crafted his fabulous surreal film, Le Mystere, predominately in camera. Dance, theatre, design, art, animation, vfx – your film must have […]

Searchlight: Nadia Marquard Otzen

Nadia Marquard Otzen caught our eye with her striking music videos shot in black and white. We caught up with the Danish new director who has recently signed to Academy Films in London. You’ve just followed your wonderful Skin video for Rae Morris with a film for The 1975’s track Settle Down with a dreamy, […]