Catch Up: Tom Kingsley and Richard Hunter

Tom Kingsley and Richard Hunter were both featured on the YDA blog last year – and since then they’ve been busy boys. Kingsley’s directing star seems to be ascending with a new promo for Guillemots under his belt and Hunter continues to juggle beautiful music videos with insightful mini documentaries. Tom Kingsley has created a […]

Catch Up : John Kenney and Daniele Manoli

John Kenney and Daniele Manoli are two directors who have recently made an impression on the YDA blog. So when we caught their latest work we decided to share. Kenney’s joined the million-hit club with his Doritos Superbowl entry, while Manoli has gone dark and dystopian with his Video Violence music video. With support from […]

YDA Catchup: Cam McHarg

Cameron McHarg earned a softspot in our heart after his Fed Ex commercial (featuring a comedy kick in quite a different soft spot) made it onto the 2009 YDA shortlist. Since then he’s been building up his reel and has seen his short film Kicking Sand In Your Face picked up by international cable networks. […]

YDA 2010: Simon Ritzler

Simon Ritzler scooped second prize in the European Film School category at this year’s YDA. But he’not letting all that go to his head – instead he’s cracking on with his final year projects. And given the techinical inventiveness, ambition and old school charm of his winning film, we can’t wait to see what he […]

Thomas Hilland: How on earth did he do that?

Relax. Focus. Forget everything else. Then click and watch Dragonfly Love. M-a-r-v-e-l-l-o-u-s. Partizan Darkroom director Thomas Hilland used the Nokia N8’s impressive HD camera to shoot this fabulous tale. And he sure did use it. The smartphone was strapped to remote-controlled model helicopters for aerial shots, put in a plastic bag for the underwater scenes, […]

YDA 2010: Megaforce

With their surreal, fluid Orange commercials, French directing collective Megaforce took second prize in the European Broadcast at this year’s Young Director Award. We caught up with Megaforce to find out what they did in their summer holidays and where they hope to be in 20 years (clue: involves fish…) What have you been up […]

Catch Up on the Blog

We’re always keeping tabs on directors who have been featured on the YDA blog, and wouldn’t you know it they just keep surprising us. Anyway, here’s a couple of new films from old young directors that caught our eye. Enjoy! First up there’s Kent Hugo, who we featured as part of the collective &a&k&d with […]

YDA 2010: Yoann Lemoine

We’re catching up with the winners of this year’s Young Director Award to find out the inspiration behind their winning work and to check out how things have changed for them since picking up the YDA. First up is the fantabulous Yoann Lemoine from Wanda Productions whose..err.. filthtabulous viral Graffiti took second prize in the […]

I’ll Be Bach: An interview with last year’s Jury Prize winner

As entries pour in for the YDA 2010, we decided to catch up with last year’s Special Jury Prize winner Aleksander Bach to find out how things have changed since cleaning up at Cannes. Bach, a former student at the illustrious Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg impressed the jury with his cinematic spec spot Stars. Since last year […]

Kosai Sekine: A YDA Winner looks back

Since picking up a YDA award back in 2006 for his Raindance Film Festival ident, Japanese director Kosai Sekine’s career has gone international. He’s worked for brands like UNIQLO and Fuji – all with his quirky, off-kilter perspective – and his tale of urban love and hate Adidas Break UP Service won him a silver […]