YDA 2011: Charles De Meyer

Dark, suspenseful and heart-meltingly soppy, Charles De Meyer impressed at this year’s YDA with his music video for Amon Tobin’s ‘Esther’s’. The robotic romance blends Hitchcock-esque live action performance with slick CG work and earned De Meyer 2nd prize in the European Music video category. We caught up with De Meyer to pick his brains […]

YDA 2011: Michael Lockshin

Just call him the wolf whisperer – Michael Lockshin’s spot The Wolf Is Back sees the director coax his lupine actors to perform chilling howls for camera and prevent his clashing canine cast from tearing chunks from one another. And the result is an eery, impressive campaign for Eristoff vodka that saw Lockshin win 2nd […]

YDA 2011: AlexandLiane

In our first interview with this year’s crop of YDA champions, we catch up with AlexandLiane, who scooped 2nd prize in the European Broadcast category with their arty Footlocker spot I Am the Rules. We talk lighting, working with footballers and feeling like ghosts at Cannes… Your “I Am The Rules” film plays with light, […]

Searchlight: Helen Clemens

This girl’s got what it takes… to direct animation, live action and now mega multi-media tvcs for the Australian market. Signed to Plaza Films in Sydney, Helen Clemens talks us through some of her music videos and commercial work… You were recently shortlisted in the YDA in Cannes last month with “Let There Be Light” […]

YDA Catch Up: Henk Loorbach and André Maat

We first came across Henk Loorbach (aka Supereletric) when his jubilant, colourful animations scorched themselves our retinas. Now he’s teamed up with fellow director AndrĂ© Maat for a smart and inventive one-shot-spot for Red Cross Germany. The spot sees footage of a lifetime projected onto a woman’s face to demonstrate the importance of blood donation […]

Catch up: Bare Bones

Matt Lambert wears many hats: editor, director, writer, maker of intriguing fashion films and curator of Bare Bones, the low-brow, lo-fi video zine with regular events and screenings – mainly in New York, London and Berlin. We super love platforms for young filmmakers to have creative freedom to do whatever they like so following our […]

Catch up: Josef Wladyka

We first featured Tisch film student Josef Wladyka in a December post for his soccer spec spot played out and about in Wall Street and now here is his follow-up work called One Shot Stories. Good to know a newbie director can be consistently inventive. How did the stories come about? Did someone commission you […]

Searchlight: Aaron Lampert

Recently graduated from the Royal College of Art, we wouldn’t be surprised if up-and-coming animator and Director Aaron Lampert goes on to great things. At the risk of sounding like hyperactive puppies, we just can’t help but draw comparisons with legend Genndy Tartakovsky (behind classics from The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Lab to Star Wars: […]

Searchlight: Nicos Livesey

Nicos Livesey is a director who has faced his fears – and the result is both joyous and retina-searing. Since venturing out of the relative safety and comfort of monochrome, Livesey has discovered a whole world of colour. We caught up with Livesey to find out more about his recent psychedelic outing for Ben Butler […]

Beach Boys (and Girls) of the YDA

Fresh from checking out a host of exciting directing talent at the Young Director Award on Wednesday evening, filmmakers and industry peeps gathered on the beach outside the Palais Stephanie in Cannes for a bit of a party. The YDA Blog was on hand to document the ensuing ruckus.