YDA 2010: Megaforce

With their surreal, fluid Orange commercials, French directing collective Megaforce took second prize in the European Broadcast at this year’s Young Director Award. We caught up with Megaforce to find out what they did in their summer holidays and where they hope to be in 20 years (clue: involves fish…) What have you been up […]

Searchlight: Jesse Ewles

We once heard that a messy workspace is a sign of genius – and anyone who has ever shared an office with us will understand why that’s a piece of folk wisdom we hold quite dear. Seriously. There was a Tunnock’s Tea Cake on my desk for 7 months. And so Jesse Ewles’ You Don’t […]

Searchlight: Young Replicant

A stricken samurai, mischevious forest spirits and some oh-my-god-isn’t-it-beautiful-cinematography – LA directing collective Young Replicant tread the line between life and death in their stunning promo Lovely Bloodflow. And is it just us, or is Lovely Bloodflow *exactly* what a live action version of Princess Mononoke would look like? We caught up with Young Replicant’s […]

Sniper Twins

Today on the blog we look at the work of US directing duo Sniper Twins – not just because quite frankly its hilarious work, but we reckon that aspiring directors could learn a lot from their clever approach. The Snipers don’t just help sell brands, they are a brand in their own right. So you’ve […]

Searchlight: Alex Dückminor

Dystopian sparklemotion (yay!) on the blog today, with the futuristic Lovemachine music video by Alex Dückminor – aka The Crystal Beach. We love extravagant psychedelic space drama at the best of times, but when we stumbled upon the video at Radar Music Videos and discovered the video was also Alex’s final MA project we were […]

Catch Up on the Blog

We’re always keeping tabs on directors who have been featured on the YDA blog, and wouldn’t you know it they just keep surprising us. Anyway, here’s a couple of new films from old young directors that caught our eye. Enjoy! First up there’s Kent Hugo, who we featured as part of the collective &a&k&d with […]

YDA 2010: Yoann Lemoine

We’re catching up with the winners of this year’s Young Director Award to find out the inspiration behind their winning work and to check out how things have changed for them since picking up the YDA. First up is the fantabulous Yoann Lemoine from Wanda Productions whose..err.. filthtabulous viral Graffiti took second prize in the […]

Searchlight: Patrick Jean

Now if you’re of a geekier persuasion, you may well have seen Patrick Jean’s spectacular Pixels film doing the rounds earlier in the year. It notched up squillions of hits, and has now been optioned by Adam Sandler’s production company to develop a feature version. We can definitely see the appeal: Retro arcade games crashlanding […]

Searchlight: Tom Kingsley

Like all the best directors, Tom Kingsley ain’t just a shit-hot filmmaker, he’s also thoroughly interesting to boot. Whereas you (possibly) or I (definitely) might have spent our student days doing, well, not an awful lot, Tom was busying himslef directing shows for renowned university comedy troupe Cambridge Footlights. These days, he’s cosied up at […]

Sign me Up: Brendan Carroll and Francesco Giroldini

We were sorely tempted to introduce Brendan Carroll and Francesco Giroldini’s animated short The Monk & The Monkey with all sorts of primate-related puns – monkey puzzles and going bananas, that sort of thing. But, on reflection, its such a stunning piece of work, that really, we ought to let it speak for itself. With […]