YDA Week 2021

This year, YDA Week is back. Our theme in 2021 is freedom, and our YDA Week will explore the multi-faceted nature of freedom in filmmaking, from liberating or limiting technological advances like A.I., to the creative freedom you have to maintain as a director while balancing the demands of clients and executives. YDA Week will begin on Monday July 5th, culminating with our YDA Ceremony at 6pm CEST on July 8th.


Creative Freedom Interviews

Monday 5th July, 3pm [CEST] – Ninian Doff

Thursday 8th July, 3pm [CEST] – Martin de Thurah

Danny Edwards talks to directors Ninian Doff and Martin de Thurah about how they have maintained their creative freedom in the face of demands from brands, production companies, and studio executives. Get a glimpse into how they have carved a path through both the commercial and entertainment worlds, through many genres, formats ,and styles, all while maintaining their creative integrity and freedom.


Human-A.I. Symbiosis In Media

Monday 5th July, 6pm [CEST]

In a live presentation, Michaela Pňačeková, award-winning XR Artist, Producer and Researcher at York University Toronto, explores the relationship between Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), the media industry, and freedom. Exploring how A.I. can mimic the human brain, and how its use in new media and film has expanded or diminished our concept of freedom, we ask: can A.I. really become trustworthy?

Includes a live Q&A.


The F-word

Tuesday 6th July, 3pm [CEST]

Whisper it, but not all directors are signed to a production company. Some people… freelance. Some because they’ve yet to find the right home, more because certain territories don’t operate with set rosters, others because they value the freedom of choice being a freelancer gives them. We speak to a panel of producers and directors who are able to give insight into the pros and cons of working both within and outside of the production company structure to find out what path might best suit you.


Daniel Bergmann, Stink

Jeremy Goold, You Are Here UK

Sara Dunlop, The Corner Shop

Ian Pons Jewell

Chaired by Danny Edwards


Could deepfake be deep trouble?

Wednesday 7th July, 3pm [CEST]

If filmmakers have the freedom to make anyone say anything, what responsibility do they have to their audience and the wider world? With the advent of deepfake technology filmmakers and technicians can manipulate people’s images to say anything but is the freedom to control other peoples’ expression a freedom too far?


Ryan Staake, Pomp & Clout

Joe Wade, Don’t Panic

Michaela Pňačeková, York University Toronto

Mike Woods, m ss ng p eces

Chaired by Danny Edwards


YDA 2021 Pre-Show

Thursday 8th July, 5:30pm [CEST]

Build your excitement for our main show and join us as we announce the winners of our Born To Create Drama contest!


YDA 2021 Ceremony

Thursday 8th July, 6pm [CEST]

Tune in to our live ceremony, as we award our Gold Screen, Silver Screens and Special Jury Prize for 2021.

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