YDA Producers Award 2024 – Recognizing Excellence in Developing Young Directorial Talent

Are you a production company dedicated to nurturing and developing young directorial talent? If so, the Young Director Award (YDA) Producers Award 2024 is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your commitment and be recognized for your contributions to the industry.

The YDA Producers Award celebrates the production company that has made significant strides in developing young directorial talent over the past year. By submitting work to any of the YDA 2024 categories, your production company will automatically be entered for this prestigious award.

Entering the YDA Producers Award 2024 not only gives you the opportunity to gain recognition for your work but also highlights your company’s dedication to promoting and nurturing creative talent in the industry. It is a chance to showcase your creativity, innovation, and commitment to the next generation of filmmakers.

Submit 5 or more entries for a 20% discount.

The winner is decided based on the points awarded for all the entries your company is credited on, across all your submissions:

– 2 points for each shortlisted entry
– 5 points for each Silver winner
– 8 points for each Gold winner
– 10 points for the Special Jury award

This scoring system ensures that the award is based on tangible achievements and recognizes the production company that has truly excelled in supporting and developing young directors and let your achievements shine on a global stage.

For more information and to submit your entries, visit the YDA Entry System. Join us in celebrating excellence and innovation in developing young directorial talent.


Please note: educational institutions are not eligible for the Producers Award

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