La Pac Joins YDA 2024 as Prime Sponsor

We are proud to announce La Pac as our Prime sponsor for YDA 2024, reinforcing a commitment to celebrating and nurturing young talent in the industry.

Established in 1972, La Pac is renowned for its dedication to recognising and fostering emerging directorial talent. With a diverse portfolio spanning commercials, fashion content, music videos, digital content, short films, and documentaries, La Pac’s innovative, creative and curious approach reflects its core belief of discovering and developing talent to produce excellent work.

“We look forward to seeing more young French talent among the esteemed ranks of YDA winners..” 


La Pac has fostered and promoted notable young directors like Quentin Deronzier, known for music videos for Doja Cat and The Weeknd, and fashion films for Mugler and Louis Vuitton. Claire Anrold, who recently worked with Vans and collaborated with Offset and Cardi B, and Adrien Wagner, who directed films for French urban megastar Damso and Jaeger Lecoultre, are also among their impressive young directors. Supporting emerging talents drives La Pac’s continuous development.

Jerome Denis, CEO of La Pac, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We look forward to seeing more young French talent among the esteemed ranks of YDA winners with their vibrant rhythm of creativity and directorial vision.”

We extend sincere gratitude to La Pac for their support, enabling YDA to continue celebrating and empowering emerging directors and excellent storytelling.

Visit La Pac website

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