This week on YDA CHATS… Karim Bartoletti talks to Emilie Thalund

Emilie is a director from Copenhagen, Denmark. She burst onto the international scene in 2018 as she won gold at Young Director Award for her first film ‘Period.’ – a bold and artistic take on a topic that is virtually a taboo worldwide. Since then, she has continued to create visually stunning narratives and has worked with brands such as IKEA and Pandora.

Prior to her directing career Emilie graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree in Art & Architecture. After working in fine arts she crossed over to the world of film where she worked for a couple of years with acclaimed director Martin Werner to learn the ropes of her new field. From here she took off as a director in her own right. Emilie is know to be a sensitive observer, a dreamer and a visually strong narrator. She is currently represented by Bacon (Scandinavia), Henry (FR) and Czar NL.

Graphics by Sincromie
Music by Charlie Pearch

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