We talk with Max Brady, Executive Producer at Pull The Trigger Ltd

You’re one of the member of the YDA / CFP-E, what this award represent for you as producer?

I think that the YDA represents a recognition of emerging talent in the world of film making.  It shows how European producers, and their countries, can come together to not only nurture young directors, but to actively acknowledge and validate new creative on a global stage.

The award programme is a great way for producers to expose their young directors to international creatives, and if successful in an award, to then use the accolade to promote that director in their home country. (It is also a great confidence boost to the young directors.  We work in a very fickle industry, where sometimes it is hard to break through a crowded market. Winning an award is an achievement, and can only help your career.)

When you decide to bet on a young director, what is the most important thing for you?

Confidence, but also some humility. You have to be confident that what you are doing as a director is worthy. But equally, you need to acknowledge, as a director, that perhaps you don’t always yet have all the answers. Young directors need a strong producer, particularly in the world of TV commercials. They need to listen to those that they are surrounded with, be they camera, art department, or production. Our job is to do the very best that we can to ensure that the director’s vision is realised, and sometimes that may mean having to accept that you don’t know all the answers. I think it is a hard lesson for many young directors to learn, but collaboration is at the heart of most productions. No one person is bigger than the team.

Then I like to see that a young director cannot only visualise her/his ideas, but that they can articulate them to the team, and perhaps the client. It’s all very well being a visual genius, but can you convince the Creative Director that you can get that creative genius into a 40 sec spot that will represent the brand considering you as their next director.

What is your latest news?

We have been busy shooting with our USA based clients, as well as some work for local advertising agencies. We have spent a lot of the first half of the year producing commercials for charities in Ireland. Work that we are very proud of as it has been dealing with key issues that are hot matters in Ireland.  For example Homelessness and teenage internet bullying. Later this year, we are producing another commercial to tackle the issue of homelessness, with Oscar nominated Lenny Abrahamson, (Room).   This project is part of the 2016 Young Lions programme, so we are not only pushing for Young Directors, but also for young creatives in Ireland.

In the first half of the year, we have also signed some new talent, both young directors breaking through, as well as young talent in the arena of 360 and VR.

An advice for future YDA participant ?
Don’t be afraid.

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