Straight 8 Shootout

The YDA is all about discovering new filmmaking talent and we are happy to share with you an opportunity for your directorial talent to shine.

Here at YDA we have been friends with straight 8 for many years. Established in London in 1999, straight 8 is the global film competition that challenges people and companies to compete with one roll of super 8 film, with no re-takes, no edit, no post-production or grading, and the first time you see your film is at its premiere.

It’s about as analogue and thrilling as filmmaking gets!

straight 8’s latest challenge for charity, the straight 8 Shootout, is now open and we’ve got a 20% DISCOUNT FOR YOU IF YOUR COMPANY ENTERS.

Use the code YDA20 at the checkout to get 20% DISCOUNT

The brief is simple; what would you like to do with 2.5 minutes of celluloid that will eventually be screened to a global audience?

Enter here where you’ll find all the details.

How it Works:
– Shoot by November 22.
– Send your soundtrack by November 29.
– See your film (for the first time!) LIVE ONLINE and at The Focus Show London December 3.

Winners are voted for live at the event by the entering companies only, and they get to donate money to the charity of their choice.

Check out all the details on the straight 8 site now and if you have any questions, email the straight 8 team.

Get involved. We’ll be watching, along with the rest of the world!