Catch-up with winners: Lorenzo Pianina & Vincent Papace

First up this year in our continuing series of quizzing YDA winners are Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace who won second prize in the animation category with their intricately crafted short film Gustave Dore, L’imaginaire au pouvoir.

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What have been your highlights since winning at the YDA show in Cannes six months ago?

Lorenzo released a new stop-motion clip for the band Ödland : Après avoir décroché les étoiles, mixed with live shots in Bulgaria.

Vincent released an illustrated children book, Ours molaire .

And we opened together a Youtube channel “Pianina Papace” containing all our previous movies, plus new shows and videos…

What’s the best film making lesson you’ve learnt?

To build a nice stage and stop-motion characters takes a lot of time compared to shooting time, but it is a pleasant activity.
We like to prepare the whole movie set-up we need before shooting, therefore animation looks like a game made with our own toys.

And the wisest quote about film making?

Michel Gondry said he likes to show the movie techniques inside the movie itself, so the spectator is able to understand how everything is made.

Your worst nightmare production story was when…

We worked on a great stop-motion ad project, we were really fond of the idea of this film and the story behind it, but the whole film campaign was cancelled and we never achieved it.

What would be your dream directing  job?

An ad-fashion-fastfood-music-swimmingpool-travel-roadmovie-experimental project mixing live shots and animated parts!

List five of your favourite films from the past year:

Too many cooks (Adult Swim)
Night Call (Dan Gilroy)
Tristesse Club (Vincent Mariette)
The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson)
Ida (Pawel Pawlikowski)
Chet Faker, Gold (Hiro Murai)
Under the Skin (Jonathan Glazer)
OK Go, The Writing’s On the Wall

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