Last talk with Steve Davies, Chief Executive of the APA.

You’re one of the member of the YDA / CFP-E, what this award represent for you?

It is an opportunity for young directors and for the companies representing them. It shows one of the several underrated contributions of production companies to great advertising- the discovery and nurturing of new talent. The YDA has an amazing track record with some of the most interesting and successful directors in commercials getting one of their earlier breaks and exposure through success at the YDA.

The YDA remains incredibly popular- the most popular event in the Cannes fringe, reflecting the fact that the industry is always interested in new talent and ideas and that even in a tough and competitive business environment, new talent will emerge to reenergise the advertising industry.

What kind of film do you expect this year?

Films may use new media and techniques but what makes a good film is the same as ever- a great idea realised to its full potential through a film that engages its intended audience.

What do you think of our new category Changing the world Frame by Frame?

This is a reflection on the advertising and societies concerns. Many people in advertising, particularly young people, are concerned not just to talk about making the world a better place but to live and work by principles that they believe will contribute to that. As such Changing the World Frame by Frame is timely.

Could you share a tip for a future young director?

Make films you find interesting and not work for someone you are trying to build a relationship with.

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