Early Bird Prices – Ending Soon

The 25th annual YDA is fast approaching!  

With our Early Bird deadline on 28 March, now is the time to send in your films! 

Enter now and save on entry fees to all of our categories! 

This year the YDA team has introduced two new categories , offering a 50% reduction on entry fees for both.

The first is Documentary: we are looking for directors who can use film to create an authentic representation of reality, and who use different cinematic techniques to really evoke a subject. These films should seek to bring the reality of the subject closer to its audience.

And the second new category is Best Use of Music. Music is one of the most important tools a director has in their arsenal. It is fantastically effective at establishing the mood and meaning in a film. As such, we are interested in seeing the most creative and compelling use of a soundtrack. 

Our Born To Create Drama category is free to enter and open until 2 May so keep sending in your entries!

For full details or to make an entry please visit our site.

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