Creation in Isolation: Week 6 part 2

Todays part 2 Creation in Isolation selection is from Canada, United Kingdom and United States..

Now And Then
Evan Bourque

Evan didn’t begin creating films until his late 20’s but once he discovered filmmaking everything else fell to the side. Since then he’s been writing and directing commercials, music videos, and short narrative projects. He finds inspiration from the various life experiences and odd jobs he had before ever picking up a camera.
During the Covid quarantine my girlfriend and I had no contact with anyone else for a month. I filmed our lives along the way and created a small look into our relationship during that time.

Mental Health Awareness: Reach Out
Edward Andrews
United Kingdom

We are a group of creatives in the advertising and VFX industries, who came together to collaborate on this animated short to help raise awareness for mental health during COVID-19.

A lot of projects were shelved due to the lockdown. As a director, I had to adapt. I saw this as a creative challenge: Stay safe and help to flatten the curve, but continue telling emotional stories that connect with people. ‘Reach Out’ is our attempt to do some good during this time with the skills that we have: storytelling. We hope it encourages people to reach out to someone and ask how they are doing. It can really go a long way.

This story follows a teenage boy experiencing the world closing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s repeatedly met with the all-too familiar message: Stay home and stay safe. We eventually see him at home, but feeling alone. Viewers are reminded that staying home doesn’t mean they have to feel alone. The spot ends with a positive message encouraging people to reach out to one another.

United Kingdom

After meeting at University and quickly striking up a creative partnership Eseosa Ohen and Joe Shaw aka SOB, began experimenting with art direction, branding and moving image. They soon joined forces with artist Collard who entrusted the duo with full control of the creative and artistic direction for his debut album Unholy; from album artwork, to visuals and music videos. Their videos for ‘Warrior Cry’ and ‘Hell Song’ garnered widespread acclaim for their richness, texture and sophistication.

This film is part of a series called ‘The ABCs of Lockdown’ whereby Pulse Films asked their directors to create a film inspired by lockdown. SOB chose the letter ‘X’ and produced the film entirely by themselves within the confines of their locked down world.

‘Wear A Mask’ – PSA
Allie Avital
United States

Allie Avital is a New York-born and raised director whose work is visually arresting and conceptually bold and original. She draws inspiration from the music video auteur generation of the 90’s and represents a new class of conceptually driven filmmakers using craft and technique in service of the idea. Allie has that rare, unique ability to tell stories that are equal parts timeless and modern. She embraces the conceptual along with keeping an assured focus on narrative, creating story-worlds entirely her own.


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