Creation in Isolation: Week 5

Todays Creation in Isolation selection is from Ireland, United States and United Kingdom..

Closer Together
Andrew Baird • Lena Beug • Jon Hozier Byrne • Seán Clancy • DADDY • Jamie Delaney • Paul Donnellan • Ciaran Dooley • Brian Durnin • Gavin Fitzgerald • James Fitzgerald • Leon Forristal • Shane Griffin • Grizzly • Manus Goan • Keith Hutchinson • Johnny Kelly • Colum Maguire • Hugh O’Connor • Brian O’Malley • Stevie Russell • Natasha Waugh

Once the Covid 19 crisis hit the Irish commercials production sector like a bullet train, local film producers Andrew Freedman (Antidote) and Paul Holmes (Red Rage) had a chat about what we COULD do at this unprecedented difficult time.
They instigated an initiative whereby Irish Commercials Directors from CPI member companies would contribute to make a film to inspire hope.
According to Freedman “CPI is an industry body representing 21 small Irish businesses in the commercials production sector – we wanted to do something together to be of some help to our country“.

The film features impressive original music by Irish composer Denis Kilty.
Paul Holmes feels that “By making this film with over 20 Irish directors from CPI member companies, we are bringing our industry together to shine a small light of hope for the Irish people. We want this film to bring some good to those who watch it.”


Excelsior #EverUpward
Elle Ginter & Stephania Dulowski
United States

Directed by Elle Ginter and Stephania Dulowski, Excelsior #EverUpward is a three-minute film that is the culmination of numerous sleepless nights spent driving through NYC at the height of the quarantine. The film was created in an effort to positively reflect moving forward and highlight what New Yorkers miss most at the centre of self-isolation. The film encapsulates the themes surrounding their week: “We miss you. We love you. We’re thinking of you,” heard in countless phone calls, Zooms, FaceTimes, and Governor Cuomo’s address to NYC.

Elle and Stephania decided to film every night, driving around an empty Manhattan and shooting on their phones through the window, occasionally getting out and distantly chatting with strangers.

For five nights after, NYC’s death toll continued to rise and sirens became 24/7 white noise as they began to edit and continued filming. It became a pacing mechanism of sorts, especially for Stephania, who would cut remotely for Exile Edit to the sirens most of each day. When it came to designing the sound for the film, Elle and Stephania decided to overlap voice and audio elements, building the same sound bath of sirens it felt as if they were driving through.


You and me
karni and Saul
United Kingdom

An Isolation dance music video by karni and Saul for Micah’s emotional new song You and me . inspired by home isolation connection, dance and the online video culture currently present . karni and Saul collaborated with 9 dancers from around the world in quarantine, to create a choreography for one x 9. touching on connection and lack of it. On craving for contact, touch, and mostly on our HUMANNESS . we will dance together again! Very soon.

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