Creation in Isolation: Week 4 part 2

Todays Creation in Isolation selection is from Denmark, Iceland and Azerbaijan..

Mothers’ Aid & Live Without Violence – Isolation
Christina Amundsen (& Emilie Thalund)

To create this campaign for domestic abuse hotlines, directors Christina Amundsen and Emilie Thalund asked directors and photographers in their network to contribute footage. By piecing the many different clips together in a coherent narrative, the duo created a powerful visual mosaic of a film, highlighting the terror of being stuck in an abusive home. It is a film created in isolation about isolation.


Another day of success
Bjarni Svanur Friðsteinsson & Maria-Magdalena Ianchis



Did I ever tell you?
Valida Baba

Film director, writer and poet Valida is from Azerbaijan and now based in Prague.

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