1. Directors must have had no more than three years professional experience.
  2. Entries must be one of the director’s first FIVE (5) pieces of work ever made in the category.
  3. Films must have been released between January 1st 2017 and May 15th 2018.
  4. The permission of all copyright owners must be obtained for entry into competition.
  5. NO CREDITS should be mentioned on the film.
  6. If the submitted film is in a foreign language it’s in your own interest to include English subtitles.
  7. Campaigns consisting of several films can be entered but only as individual films. If a campaign for example consists of 6 films, only 5 of these can be entered. Each film will be judged individually.
  8. Films directed by a team of directors can be entered. Each director must, however, fulfil the above criteria.
  9. Credits for entries should be submitted via the online form.
  10. The award organisers are entitled to exclude films not fulfilling the above criteria.
  11. The award organisers are entitled to move an entry to a more appropriate category if necessary.
  12. To enter the competition the film must be submitted with completed entry form, payment and uploaded to the Young Director Award entry website before the deadline on May 15th 2018.

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