What I wish I’d known when I was 18: Nicholas Reynolds

We like a bit of Australian humour especially when it’s irreverent with great gags. Nicholas Reynolds is one of the best international directors around who specialises in perfect comic timing so we asked him for a few tips… Which job changed your career? Ikea Dog – an idea initially expressed as only a few simple […]

Barney Cokeliss: What I wish I’d known

From shooting comedy to short films in 3D, we thought RSA and Les Producers director Barney Cokeliss would be able to teach us a thing or two. We also rolled through his showreel to select our favourites What do you wish you’d known when you were 18? How time accelerates! Can you remember the first […]

What I wish I’d known when I was 18: Barney Howells

We decided it must be really good fun being Barney Howells after reading his short biography on Partizan’s site: “Born into Mancunian squalor, Barney’s upbringing was typically urban, peppered with Ceilidh Dancing and L.S.D. As a child, Barney would stand on one leg for hours, nose glued to the telly watching endless repeats of “Rent-a-Ghost,” […]

Kim Gehrig: What I Wish I’d Known at 18… and more

From hard hitting charity spots to cheeky recession-tinged singalongs, we love Kim Gehrig’s work – mainly because we never know what to expect next. The fantabulous Kim hit a double whammy last year at Cannes, picking up a Silver Lion *and* first prize in the YDA broadcast category for her Amnesty International film You Are […]

Keith Schofield: What I wish I’d known when I was 18… and much more

Stop what ever you’re doing and rally around. We’ve got director Keith Schofield on the end of the line ready to share a few tips on how he got to make some of THE most original music videos ever. Compulsive repeat viewing is highly likely. What do you wish you’d known when you were 18? […]

Martin Werner: What I wished I known when I was 18

The thing we really, really like about Martin Werner is that he can shoot the smoothest, sexiest ads in the world – and he does film everywhere – and then he’ll come out with something outrageously funny. He’s particularly good with hamsters – take a look below. We like that mix, so we asked the […]

Paul Middleditch: Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 18

Size matters. At least, when you’re Paul Middleditch it does. The Kiwi director is pretty big news. And he’s done some big ads. More specifically, he shot A Big Ad, a Carlton spot so huge that it won Gold at the 2006 Cannes Lions and has it’s own Wikipedia entry. But while he may have […]

Andy Morahan: What I wish I’d known and a few other things I’ve learnt along the way

Today’s words of wisdom come from Andy Morahan, the director award-winning music videos and commercials, like budget-busting 90s classic November Rain, for Guns N’ Roses, and sultry Juliette Lewis Guess Jeans ad Cheat. More recently he’s shot promos for everyone from Sugababes to Fun Lovin’ Criminals, and ads for the likes of Lynx, VW and […]

Ram Madhvani: Things I wish I’d known when I was 18

Remember the fabulously happy Happydent from a couple of years ago?  That was the spot that first made us sit up and take notice of India’s top director Ram Madhvani. We’ve loved his unique style ever since. In the second of our series, we asked the Equinox Films and Great Guns director to share his […]

Tony Kaye: Things I wish I’d known when I was 18…

Here’s the first of our new regular column Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 18. We’ll be talking to the great, the good, and the gawd dang groundbreaking of commercials and promo production. OK, so maybe it’s stalking but it’s in the name of education, so it’s fine. At least that’s what our […]