Sign me up: Gobelins graduation animators

This wonderful amusing graduation film Rhapsodie pour un Pot-au-feu, about three generations who live under the same roof, caught the eye of YDA’s Project Manager, Soraya Assi, at a recent festival in Paris. We caught up with the animators, former Gobelins students, Charlotte Cambon, Soizic Mouton, Stephanie Mercier and Marion Roussel to discuss the creating […]

Sign me up: Denis Parchow

We really liked Denis Parchow’s spec ad for Schwarkopf, it was extremely well crafted and produced. But when his ad for Teddy Bear company Steif came out we knew he’d made a leap into the realm of really good imaginative story-telling as well. Denis is just finishing up at film school so stand-by to see […]

Sign me up: Emile Rafael

Learning the ropes through producing and directing music videos and short films when he can, we like the efforts of London-based Emile Rafael. A quick summary please of what you’re up to now and what led you there? Well, I went to the London Film School, which was a great place to learn the “rules” […]

Sign me up: Ryan Patrick

The only way to define Ryan Patrick’s style is eclectic – just take a look at his music videos from wonderful cardboard robots to a surreal take on Steve Jobs’ life. YDA catches up with the new directing talent. Your latest video is the “untold story of Steve Job’s as a cooking prodigy”. How did […]

Sign me up: Joana Colomar

Unsigned and super talented, this new Spanish director captured our imagination with her video for Maïa. This is the most intriguing story. Did you write it? Can you tell us please how the idea evolved? Since the beginning I wanted to be faithful with Maïa’s universe, so animals and nature had to be in the […]

Sign me up: Adam Wallensten

A good cinematographer, as we all know, is key to lifting a film to the next level. The lighting, the angles, the framing and the pace is just as likely to come from the dp as the director, and of course many cinematographers go on to successfully direct themselves. This week our post is on […]

Sign me up: Zwelseizwe Ntuli

In South Africa, Velocity executive producer Peter Carr started a commercial training programme six years ago at AFDA Film School and has since included the Vega School of Advertising where the students write the scripts and role play as agency, with a real client, Vision Mission, involved as well. The course begins with a week […]

Sign me up: Flyn Vibert

Lie back, take your tablets and soak up Manflu – full frame and up loud. Shot by newbie Flyn Vibert we find out why he switched his camera over from shooting fashion stills to video mode. We’re captivated. So you’ve just graduated – where from and what was your degree? Yes, I studied at the […]

Sign me up: Andriy Mykhnyuk

Andriy Mykhnyuk is not afraid of a challenge. In fact its the challenge that first attracted him to directing, when he spotted a filmmaking competition and decided to enter. Since then he’s been studying at the Belarussian Academy of Arts in Minsk and his latest film, co-created with DOP with Ruslan Fedotow, is an action-packed […]

Sign me up: Mimi Cave

Amazing what you find when you’re idly trawling through blogs and this and that and then… wham… you come across something that blows your socks off. We traced the direction to newcomer Californian Mimi Cave so thought we’d give her a call… Are you signed to a production company? No, however this video was made […]