Hot spot: Kawehi- Anthem

All you need for a mesmerising music video is a couple of boxes, some vfx nous and a great idea: Directed by the vocalist Kawehi’s husband / band partner Paul Wight

Hot Spot: Ibeyi, River

Rattling Stick director Ed Morris – winner of the YDA 2014 Charity Web Film category with his film Don’t Retaliate has come up with a genius simple idea for the soul sisters Ibeyi’s track River. –

Hot Spot: Die Antwoord, Pitbull

Lead vocalist and director Ninja pushes the boundaries of our imaginations to new places with his latest whacko delight while keeping the production values way up there.  

Hot Spot: Faces on Film, The Rule

Californian director Carlos Lopez Estrada never fails to surprise with each new video so different from the last. He’s experimental and it works. This time simple animation rocks with reality

Hot Spot: Sia Chandelier

Genius on every level. The collaborative magic of Sia and director Daniel Askill and the great idea of including the extraordinary 11 year old Maddie Ziegler dancing her soul out for Sia’s track Chandelier. Original, beautiful and a breath of fresh air.

Hot Spot: Armen Perian

Armen Perian was born & raised in Los Angeles. After the obligatory youthful aspirations of becoming a rockstar & a pro athlete (simultaneously), his interest in filmmaking started in high school when he would sneak into the darkroom during off hours to develop his black & white film. After graduating, he turned his attention to […]

Hot Spot: Lucy McRae

Body architect Lucy McRae can always be relied on to come up with something intricate, whacky, clever and totally fabulous. Just like this one for Australian band Architecture in Helsinki’s track Dream A Little Crazy

Hot Spot: Sakari Lerkkanen

I was always interested in moving picture. Childhood went by playing with my mums VHS camera, listening music, writting and drawing. One day I was told I could earn from what I was doing as a hobby.  I started by having fun and developing my skills with the equipments I had from school and friends. […]

Hot Spot: Laerke Herthoni

Laerke Herthoni is a 25 year old Danish autodidact director who just moved to Stockholm. She admits having the most impossible name to pronounce, “Laerke, which means Lark in english. People usually call med Larky, which I really like cause it sounds like a character in Game of Thrones.” ProViva – “Enough” RFSL – “Olivia” […]

Hot Spot: Michal Bolland

Michal Bolland was born in Krakow, Poland in 1990. He splits his time between London and Warsaw, directing music videos and commercials. His video for Andrew Bayer ‘Need your love’ was chosen by IMVDb as one of the best music videos of September 2013. When we ask him about his music video for Andrew Bayer […]